Video greetings from amazing young gun Anton Cherkashin!

Check out the video from WISSA 2013 freestyle ski gold medalist Anton Cherkashin. Are you ready? This talent will blow your mind!

Wissa 2013 (Finland). Anton Cherkashin from Svetlana Romantsova on Vimeo.


Video footage

Dear WISSA 2013 competitors, partners and fans of the sport,

Even though this winter surfing season is coming to its end we are still able to enjoy and share the great moments of WISSA spirit. Let us present a video made by students from Russian University of Film and Television Taisia Timofeeva and Alexander Ammosov. Thank you Taisia and Alexander for joining the event!

Thank You to all for making WISSA 2013 event a success!

Sunshine, good winds, great crew, many supporters and partners together with over a hundred participants who came all the way to Kalajoki from around the world – this all made both Finnish Open Nationals and WISSA 2013 a big success. Perämeri WindRiders ry together with Rautio Sports thank all of you, you made it happen!

WISSA 2014 will be organized in Quebec, Canada. See you all there!

Thank you to our supporters

  • —Ambassador of the United States of America Bruce J. Oreck
  • Mr. Jorma Leppänen, The Island Counsel Committee of Ministry of Employment and Economy
  • —Mr. Jaakko Lehtonen, the Director General of the the Finnish Tourist Board
  • —Mr. Jukka Puoskari, Mayor of the city of Kalajoki

and to our partners

WISSA 2013 FINAL from jarno rautio on Vimeo.

WISSA 2013 photo gallery

Final Results, WISSA 2013

Saturday has been full of sunshine and everyone has had a nice, big smile during the day! The wind ceased for the day so no races were sailed. Instead lots of sunny photos were taken and in the afternoon we got to cheer  junior ice hockey teams who played a bond hockey tournament on slalom area.

All together the event has been a great success and event oranizers thank all participants for making the event happen!

Results of Course Race, Slalom and GPS Speed Race:

Course Race and Slalom Results

GPS Speed Results

Kite Freestyle & unofficial Best Trick session

The competitors amazed the Freestyle judges! The high level of the tricks was shown especially by one of the best kite freestylers of the world, young Artem Garashchenko, whos tricks went above the judging scale. It was clear to everyone that Artem was the Champion of both Freestyle/ Kite, Board & Best Trick session. The second place of Freestyle/ Kite, Board went to Mikko Toivonen and third was Topi Nurkkala, Perämeri WindRiders team rider.

The first and second places of Freestyle/ Kite, Skis went to Russian brothers Anton and Oleg Cherkashin. Petri Lehikoinen took bronze.

Freestyle, Kite, Boards

  1. Artem Garashchenko, Russia
  2. Mikko Toivonen, Finland
  3. Topi Nurkkala, Finland

Freestyle, Kite, Skis

  1. Anton Cherkashin, Russia
  2. Oleg Cherkashin, Russia
  3. Petri Lehikoinen, Finland

Best Trick winner: Artem Garashchenko, Russia

Preliminary results, WISSA 2013 – Day 4

The fourth racing day was again fully packed with northern winds! Races started with course races for kitewings and slalom races for sailboards. After lunchbreak sailboards switched to course racing and kitewings to slalom. After quite a few training starts the kitewing slalom had to be cancelled due to too strong wind. However the wind conditions were perfect for sails and wings to continue the day with GPS speed racing.

After 11 coures race starts kites got a day off from course racing and along with the Worlds the freestylers hit it on with a “Best One Trick” session. The judges got to witness some excellent, high quality riding and tricks they had never seen before!

WISSA 2013 Day 4 Slalom (STS) Sailboards

WISSA 2013 Day 4 Course Race Sailboards

WISSA 2013 Day 4 Course Race Wings

The rest of the results will be updated here as soon as possible.

Preliminary results, WISSA 2013 – Day 3

The morning of the third racing day was escorted by strong winds and poor visibility delayed the first starts of the day. Finally sunshine got stronger and wind calmed down. The day resulted in 11 course races for kites, 3 course races for sailboards and 2 course races together with 1 slalom race for kitewings.

Day 3 Course Race Wings

Day 3 Slalom (STS) Wings

Day 3 Course Race Sailboards

Day 3 Course Race Kite Skis

Day 3 Course Race Kites Boards

Preliminary results, WISSA 2013 – Day 2

The second racing day started with Slalom races for sail and kitewing classes. Kite sailors began their day with GPS Speedsail and Freestyle. In the afternoon the conditions got rough with over 20 m/s of northern winds and as the visibility dropped to only few meters due to flying snow we decided to end the day early for safety reasons.

Day 2 Slalom (STS) Sails  Day 2 Slalom (STS) Wings

The results for GPS Speed, Kite classes and Freestyle will be published later on.

Preliminary results, WISSA 2013 – Day 1

The first racing day served competitors quite steady winds and the day got filled with Course Races for all classes and Slalom for sails and kitewings.

Day 1 Course Race Kites Boards  Day 1 Course Race Kite Skis

Day 1 Course Race Sailboards  Day 1 Slalom (STS) Sailboards

Day 1 Course Race Wings  Day 1 Slalom (STS) Wings

Overall results, Finnish Open National Championships 2013

Saturday and Sunday 2.-3.3. were excellent racing days. First day served us strong winds and competitors were flying on ice! On the second day the strong winds disappeared in the afternoon but were still enough for some good racing.

Below all overall results. The results divided by disciplines will be published later during the week.

Finnish Open 2013 Course Race Kites Boards        Finnish Open 2013 Course Race Kites Skis

Finnish Open 2013 Course Wings                                 Finnish Open 2013 Slalom Wings

Finnish Open 2013 Course Sailboards                      Finnish Open 2013 Slalom Sailboards

••• WISSA_2013_promo from Artis Dzerve on Vimeo.

WISSA 2013

Winter Ice and Snow surfing World Championships, Kalajoki Dunes, Kalajoki

Supported by Ambassador of the United States of America Bruce J. Oreck.

Other Supporter of the event are:
  • —Mr. Jorma Leppänen, The Island Counsel Committee of Ministry of Employment and Economy
  • —Mr. Jaakko Lehtonen, the Director General of the the Finnish Tourist Board
  • —Mr. Jukka Puoskari, Mayor of the city of Kalajoki

Seven days of fast and exciting races, unforgettable experiences and the magic of the pure nature!

The event brings together two winter ice and snow surfing races:

2nd – 3rd March            Finnish Open Championships 2013

5th – 9th March             WISSA 2013 World Championships

This traditional WISSA event will be now organized for the 33rd time in a row. The event is the longest running international competition for both hand held and kite sail racing as well as windsurfing!

In the event you’ll see racing with sails attached to sledges, kites with skis and snowboards and wings with skis and skates!


Finnish Open Championships 2013

  • Sails & Wings: Course Race and STS
  • Kites with snowboards and skis: Course Race

WISSA 2013 World Championships

  • Sails & Wings: Course Race, STS, GPS Speed
  • Kites with snowboards and skis: Course Race, Freestyle, GPS Speed

Come and meet the best competitor of the world, see the fastest speeds sailed on ice and check latest gear, all at the same time!

More information about WISSA (World Ice and Snow Sailing Association) here